You can’t really take them. I mean, you can, but the result is less than it could be. Sometimes it’s worth the extra time taken to make your work stand out.

Take the time to link your color transitions. It’s worth it.

Improving Things

All this is untested, but I have a theory that one either paints for the camera, or for the tabletop. Effects that need to be exaggerated to be seen under normal game lighting conditions appear garish and heavy-handed under the revealing flash of the camera. Conversely, subtle color shifts, shading, etc that turn out beautiful in pictures are completely plowed under by the relative gloom of a well-lit room and observation from several feet distant.

I’m going to test this out with two figures from the next batch. I’ll pick identical sculpts, and do one ‘normally’ and the other ‘subtle’, and see what happens. I’m also going to try to slow down a little, so hopefully it’ll all get better. Kamtraya!