Faces & Hands

Flesh tones at 15mm are fairly simple to achieve. There’s some detail, but not a whole lot, and compared to a 28mm scale face there’s barely any work to do. Addendum - decided to experiment with progressive blending for faces. I just don’t like the way these guys are looking to the camera.

I use a three-pass recipe for speedpainting (all are Citadel colors):

  1. Elf Flesh or Bronzed Flesh - basecoat
  2. Flesh Wash - eyes, nose, mouth
  3. Elf Flesh - nose, cheeks, cleanup

For higher-grade pieces, I’ve worked out the following recipe (mixes are 50/50):

  1. Bronzed Flesh - basecoat
  2. Bronzed Flesh/Flesh Wash - shadows
  3. Flesh Wash - eyes only
  4. Elf Flesh/Bronzed Flesh - first highlight
  5. Elf Flesh - second highlight

I’ll let you know how this works out.