German Panzerfausts

Doing a mix of camo and feldgrau for uniforms. I wanted the Panzerfaust weapons to stand out and so they are painted for desert use. Call them “Afrika Corps surplus”.

Colors are P3 unless specified otherwise

Uniform: Greatcoat Grey, Greatcoat Grey + Jack Bone, OR Greatcoat Grey, Umbral Umber + Jack Bone, OR Umbral Umber + Jack Bone. Umbral uniform pieces get Oak Leaf camo and hopefully I’ll do it better this time.
Boots, Leather Acc.: Umbral Umber
Skin: 5-step recipe as found here
Helmet, Gas Mask Canister: Thornwood Green
Bedroll: Jack Bone, Bloodtracker Brown + Jack Bone
Poncho bag (?): Bastion Grey
Canteen: Bloodtracker Brown, Black
Wood: Bloodstone
Gunmetal: Black, Bastion Grey
Panzerfaust: Iyanden Darksun (Citadel Foundation)

Plus appropriate highlights and shadow mixes. Pics to come.