15mm US Troops Recipe

Ordic Olive - Uniform
Elf Flesh - Face/Hands
Bloodstone (red-brown) - Boots and figure base
Flesh Wash (Chestnut Ink) - shadows for eyes, around nose, hands, wrists, also Boots
Elf Flesh - clean up Face/Hands, highlight top of nose, cheeks, finger tops, etc
Umbral Umber (dark brown) - Wood
Snakebite Leather - Leather accessories, also Wood highlight
Black - Weapons
Battle Dress Green (brown/grey green) - Helmets
Thrall Flesh - Helmet highlights
Ordic Olive - clean up Uniform
Cryx Bane Base (dark green/grey) Wash (blend with medium, not water) - Uniform shadows and lines
Wurm Green (yellow-green) - Uniform highlights
Rucksack Tan (light tan) - Boot highlights, also Leather highlights
Cryx Bane Highlight (grey) - Weapon highlights  
Matte varnish

So yeah. Glad I put this up somewhere else, cos I can’t find my notes on it. And that would have sucked.