Ok, so maybe I’m not back just yet. Honestly, I haven’t done squat since I finished the antenna phase. No motivation right now.

I blame Minecraft.

Stay tuned, I’m still going to do my best to have these things finished by Christmas!

Update: If there’s even anyone tuning in any more. Painting is on hold. Thanks for stopping by though!

I'm back

Yeah yeah, so I took a break. I’ll be starting back for August, with the Battletech Project.

See you in a few days!

New Section

Completed my first Step-By-Step article. I hope to do more of these, still have plenty of projects lined up.

Step by Step: 15mm Troops

Future Projects

Some stuff I want to do -

() 15mm troop tutorial, pictures and step by step.

() Tips & Tricks, stuff I’ve learned over the years

() Some individual technique explanations, even though a lot of this can’t be explained with text and pictures, takes video and lots of practice.

Camera and Pictures

I don’t have much in the way of images up yet, but that will change. Darel has graciously given me an extra digital camera, which I’ll receive sometime in June after Monkeyfest. The lightbox is already here, and I’m ready to go. Maybe I can borrow one in the meantime, but don’t expect it just yet.

Grand Opening

Gallery is up, waiting to be filled with fantastical goodness. Enjoy!