Toothbrush bristles, so much better than wire. Certainly cheaper. Easier to glue in. And they’re more forgiving if you bend them.

And they give the miniature a little extra zing. I think with the gauge of the bristles they also give a better sense of scale to the mechs. Whip antennae are not exactly small, so when you see them on a humanoid figure, it makes them look as big as they’re supposed to be (battlemechs are about 10-15 meters tall)

I’ll clip these down a bit once the glue sets. Too cool!


Btech Phase One Complete

108 mechs (out of 130), prepped and ready for priming and factioning. The top tray will be House Liao, middle is Marik, bottom is Kurita.

Small storage problem that has arisen out of my decision to add toothbrush-bristle antennae to most of the miniatures, I won’t be able to use my GW case for it. But that’s okay! My hardshell Contico rifle case just got retasked to store my battalions.. with not much room to spare. Should be interesting taking it to the Green Dragon the first time.

Update: I’ve got a few with antennas tucked away in the GW case. Will leave them a few days to see how badly the bristles stay bent. I might be able to stuff them in those trays after all.


Btech Project

Finally got started. Nothing flashy, just pinning, de-flashing, and sorting all the mechs into Liao, Kurita, and Marik factions. Got a good kickstart yesterday, and now I only have a handful of metal mechs left to pin.

It’s too bad the early Rifleman designs were so terrible, it’s a bad-ass miniature.

Three battalions

My Battletech project is fairly ambitious considering I’ve never done anything quite this large. The original plan was to have an entire regiment (120+ mechs) painted the same, but I decided this would be a whole lot more fun in the long run.

The plan is to have 36 mechs each for three factions - Liao, Kurita, Marik. Three battalions, three factions, tons of fun. Right now I only have the palette for House Ma-Tsu Kai mechs (the Liao faction) tested out. Having to finish up another project before I can start this one seriously.