May 2011

15mm Project

Finally finished the US troops. An effort spanning three years (mostly collecting dust) and representing various stages of quality, sad to say, but I’m not repainting anything just yet. Need to finish the Germans now, about 80 of them, and then move on to my other projects for a while.

More Pics!

Collated some pics of old stuff that I’ve had up on various sites for years. Now they’re all in one place!


Future Projects

Some stuff I want to do -

() 15mm troop tutorial, pictures and step by step.

() Tips & Tricks, stuff I’ve learned over the years

() Some individual technique explanations, even though a lot of this can’t be explained with text and pictures, takes video and lots of practice.

15mm US & German troops

A couple years ago I told a friend of mine that I would paint all his 15mm troops so I’d get tons of practice and they’d look good, etc. Well, I am lazy. So it’s been just in the past few months that I’ve gotten serious about finishing these guys up.

Only about 100 more to go! The nice thing is, when I go back to 28mm figures, they’re going to seem like vast canvases on which to romp. It works for 6mm too. Go do a few of those little dudes, then back to 15mm figures. You’ll feel like you’ve got all the room in the world.

Three battalions

My Battletech project is fairly ambitious considering I’ve never done anything quite this large. The original plan was to have an entire regiment (120+ mechs) painted the same, but I decided this would be a whole lot more fun in the long run.

The plan is to have 36 mechs each for three factions - Liao, Kurita, Marik. Three battalions, three factions, tons of fun. Right now I only have the palette for House Ma-Tsu Kai mechs (the Liao faction) tested out. Having to finish up another project before I can start this one seriously.

Camera and Pictures

I don’t have much in the way of images up yet, but that will change. Darel has graciously given me an extra digital camera, which I’ll receive sometime in June after Monkeyfest. The lightbox is already here, and I’m ready to go. Maybe I can borrow one in the meantime, but don’t expect it just yet.

Grand Opening

Gallery is up, waiting to be filled with fantastical goodness. Enjoy!