I started on another commission, this time for a set of Union and Confederate troops from the Battle Cry board game. I have some new challenges here, with mounted cavalry and dealing with cheap plastic molds. But it shouldn't be nearly as tedious as with the 15mm guys.

Paint used is P3 with a smattering of Citadel and Reaper. All the names will be P3 unless otherwise specified.

I didn't do much de-flashing before priming; the plastic is soft and any cuts would just end up looking worse. There's enough deformation from the molding process anyway, it's not going to matter.

Oh, and I'm using a new camera; my LG G3 phone camera is better than the actual camera-camera I have :/

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Starting simple: White primer for brighter colors and less need for highlighting. Flesh color is Midlund Flesh, diluted so the cheekbones and fingers show through.

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I washed the faces with a thin mix of Idrian Flesh and Reaper Flow Improver. If you thin the paint with too much water, it will leave pigment rings instead of a smooth distribution.

It's a little hard to tell with this picture, but you can start to see the beard and eyes. I may well have to do another wash to make the shadows darker. Remember that a color will always look darker when it's wet, and it may require multiple applications to get the contrast you want.

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I picked out three different shades of blue and one grey, and I will be mixing and matching coats and pants, to give a sort of random appearance to the uniforms. Most dyes back in those days were locally produced and had slight to obvious variations. Pictured here is Citadel Ultramarines Blue (pants) and Cygnar Blue Highlight (coat). Interestingly, that Ultramarines paint is well over 20 years old.

Later steps will add shading and clean up the areas where the primer is showing through.